Monday, April 16, 2018



Preparing for the cycling marathon Munich-Vienna, I selected the departure day with a nice Moon in Libra as the best possible option (avoiding Moon in Scorpio for the trip). I was still worried about the conjunction Saturn-Mars falling into my 3rd house of short journeys, as that could signify problems on the way. 

Despite all my worries about the bike (which flew with pumped tyres but survived all the pressure fluctuations), chain/brakes/wheels managed to stand all the 600km without a single issue. 

What did happen, however, is that during the week of cycling, I had, first, 100km of gravel path in the forest, and then in the last two days (fortunately, with only short remaining distance to Vienna) I had all the way extremely strong frontal wind, which made my progress very slow and tiresome. 

Good lesson for me regarding the 3rd house signification. 

Still, I saw the most beautiful pristine places on Danube, which made all the trouble easy to forget! 

If you observe the happy cyclists 
With silly grins upon their muzzles,
If all the human sins and vices
Look as remote and pointless puzzles,
If you can stop and call in forest 
For legendary Lorelei, 
And forest, as a perfect florist,
Sends buds and whispers in reply,
If every minute lasts forever,
And you aren't eager to arrive, 
Despite the miles and freezing weather,
You feel again as twenty five, - 
Without a guide or a noisy group, 
You're cycling on the blue Danube!

Monday, August 14, 2017

154 English sonnets

New book:

Why? Most likely, because of the slow transit Jupiter on ascendent in sextile to natal Mercury and in trines to natal Moon and Venus. Very productive year, indeed.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Two new books

Strangely enough, Saturn may be useful in speech, as it has happened to me in the past few months.

The results are as follows.

Collection in English "Shards":

Collection in Russian "Второе дыхание":

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New book

New poetry collection

First e-book appeared in 2006, when Saturn was transiting my natal Mectury. In 2015, with Jupiter transiting there, the second e-book appeared - easier and more swift.

There are a few English poems there, just scroll the pages.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Friendship, genotypes homophily, and astrology

In the new PNAS paperthe authors report DNA similarities among friends. Apparently, biochemical processes of different friendly organisms have similarities imprinted in their genotypes.

As Cardano wrote in the 16th century, "When several children have the same accidents and fortune, if it be in their childhood, it may be shown by the genitures of their parents; or if in their old age, we may conclude the Nativities of their Parents were so powerful that they assimilate their Nativities between themselves and suit them to the disposition of Children in the Paternal Figure" (aphorism 2.59).

I know numerous examples of puzzling "coincidences" in astrological charts of people forming groups and families. A leader of a group of 10 employees that hires  them after short interviews has the same zodiacal sign as three of his subordinates. A family of five has three Scorpios among them, and two children find partners who are born within days from each other. A pregnant woman with Sun in Cancer expects a child under Gemini, but delivery is delayed and delayed, for almost two weeks, until the child is born... with Sun in Cancer.

Modern genetics can explain this by homophilic genotypes. Astrology did this with natal charts, centuries earlier.

Monday, June 23, 2014

We are our brains

When back in 2006 I wrote my book of commentaries on the Cardano's aphorisms, where I argued that the free will is an illusion, I expected that sooner or later science would prove it at the level of biochemistry. Well, this has happened when Dick Swaab published his book recently.

This is a rather dry summary of the clinical work of the famous neurobiologist speaking about hormones, brain departments and mental disorders. If you are brave to dive into 400 pages of such reading, your reward will be evidence-based fatalism.

Which is very important for any astrologer who has had experience of successful predictions, as well as to any person interested in real philosophy.

In fact, I already got a vivid philosophical discussion in my Russian LiveJournal, and with a colleague physicist at work.

Good reading!

Friday, May 30, 2014


I was watching Troy film, and the soundtrack was so recognisable in style that I stopped following the plot and instead started scrolling my sound memories. Was it another film? If film, then which one? In a few seconds, cascades of firing neurons delivered the same key tune, do-re-mi-re, from another film. It was Avatar! Yes, the same dramatic do-re-mi-re, like a signature of a composer.

Obviously, I had no idea about the composers of Troy and Avatar, so I checked the web. You know I am writing this to report the finding, so as you can imagine, both have the same composer, James Horner.

Just like the director of Avatar Cameron, Horner is a Leo. Cameron was born on August 16, Horner on August 14. Then I recalled that the main actor in Avatar was another Leo, Sam Worthington. I went to see the Avatar wiki-page and found yet another Leo, producer Jon Landau. Somehow the Leo got the core-team for his most successful movie made of Leos. Not to mention Cameron's Terminator with Schwarzenegger (Leo).

But this post is not even about Leos, it is about the unquantifiable objectivity. There is truth that one can feel. This truth may not be quantifiable or not derivable by reason. Still, it exists.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Life patterns

When I was about 7, my mother took me to visit a music teacher in the city centre. The teacher lived on the top floor in a 5-storey building, and while they were having a chat, I decided to explore the surroundings. I was fascinated to see the open way to the loft (health & safety were not an issue then). I climbed there, walked in the loft and found a door to the roof, where I got a perfect city panorama, jolly good.

After a while, I decided to get back before anybody realised my absence. Alas, the roof was huge and I could not find the door that let me get to the roof from the loft, several attempts to find it failed. I was terrified by thoughts about the consequences: not only my mother would be in great distress, which I just could not allow, but also it would be very humiliating if they started searching for me asking for help from public and police. That would be a huge fuss, and I could not allow that!

Suddenly I saw a fire stairs running all the way from the roof to the ground, the very basic piece of metal that was a standard construction that time. However scary it looked (especially the first move, when one has to step on it and turn around to face the stairs while descending), I forced myself to begin descending. I remember very clearly how I was talking to myself convincing that nothing bad would happen if I keep moving carefully and stay focussed at every step.

Obviously, a descending child attracted lots of attention on the ground! I realised that when I heard an increasing noise of a gathering crowd, but I still kept myself focussed on the task in my hands (quite literally in the circumstances). 

I finally reached the ground, and got my portion of attention there, they almost cheered me as a little hero... They brought me back to my mother, who was still peacefully chatting not expecting any heroism from her daughter meanwhile.

I am fascinated to see this event as an yet another manifestation of the life patterns that are clearly indicated in my chart. I still like exploring places (Venus in 9th house), in all kind of adventurous (trine Sun-Mars) and strange (sextile Uranus-Sun) ways. I then get into trouble (square Saturn-Sun from 7th house), but manange to find a solution, which may be strong and publicly noticeable (Sun in 10th in Leo) with some blessed help (sextile Jupiter-Sun from 12th house).

It is all the same, nothing has changed...

Sunday, September 09, 2012

The results of the solar year

The past solar year had a very impressive chart, indeed. I had been silent on my blog not only because it was a very busy year, but also to see how the chart would manifest, as a test. Since it was the year of the end of my 6-year work project, I had to find another job, in the current crisis environment, which was not expected to be easy. The job came at the end of the solar year, after multiple applications for highly competitive positions in the British academic environment. Finally I landed on a post in Greater London, where I am heading to now. The long period of uncertainty for months puzzled me, and I discussed this with Anton Grigoryev. He explained that the solar year was not enough to time the event, and it was necessary to wait until the lord of the year changed from Mars to Venus in the late spring. And this worked just as he said. In addition, six papers appeared this year in press, which is quite a harvest.

Still the solar chart was not perfect in other aspects, having Mars and Ketu in the 9th house. In my natal chart, I have Venus in the 9th house, so I am a bit spoilt with respect to travelling, which are not only multiple but also generally smooth and pleasant. Unusually, this year I had to cancel several trips (due to work circumstances and, in the early spring, due to waiting for my new passport). Finally, on a cycling trip on August 4th, similarly to my accident on 02.08.2002, I got a bad trauma from which I am still recovering (fortunately, I am now capable to cycle and swim again, after 4 weeks). I expected that period to be painful and unhealthy, but my worries were related to another health area, as my friends were well aware. 

The solar chart was clearly informative, and the mistakes I made were due to my impatience rather than lack of knowledge. What should happen did happen, and worrying in advance did not help to avert that. 

Astrological knowledge in some sense is as useless as weather forecast. We are going camping anyway, even if a storm is predicted. What if forecasters are wrong and we may escape the inevitable...

Sunday, July 31, 2011


For this birthday, I chose a new bike. It is a member of 125-year-old family of Edoardo Bianchi (although not his famous celeste colour, as I prefer black horses).

I went to pick it up at the time of the new solar chart, which looks quite promising:

Let's see what the solar year will bring.