Friday, August 11, 2006


I had been thinking about creating a blog in winter of 2007 and even found a nice election, but there were some issues not coherent with my natal chart, and this bothered me a bit. Two days ago, I realised that the current picture was not bad, not bad... Much closer to my chart - I would say, it was a kind of improvement of me. I liked the western chart:

But as a devoted jyotisha, I needed to see the Vedic chart:

Isn't it amazing, with both lagna and lagnesha vargottamas, AK-AmK-DK yoga in 10th, Jupiter in lagna (strong in navamsa & dasamsa), rajayoga-karaka Saturn in 10th (strong in navamsa & dasamsa), mutual aspect of Venus and Saturn, Chandra-Mangala yoga, Moon in Saturn's sign aspected by Mars, Ketu in 12th, reception of rulers of 10th & 4-5th, ruler of 9th in 10th... And look at the dasamsa...

I couldn't resist such an election... Hopefully it will prove good, starting with Sun firdaria in western chart and Mercury dasa in the Vedic (Dwadasottari & Sataabdika)...

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