Sunday, October 22, 2006


This girl lives in S-Petersburg and is familiar to any Russian of more or less young age, provided that the Internet is provided…

She is the main character of the animation series at Her life is so realistically weird and funny that I immediately recognized her Aquarian origin. I emailed her ‘father’, Russian painter and animator Oleg Kuvaev, and found that, indeed, he was born on
February 6, 1967. Without attempting to rectify this chart, because I know nothing about his life, just a shot with a probable ascendant:

In the Masyanya series, there are several films without words, so foreigners can enjoy them too (click twice in the centre of the small screen in the middle of your browser, on that Russian 'ctapt', which is just start): Penguin, Morning coffee, Night elf.

And finally, look at the father!

Isn't it amazing that the principles of our art penetrate into each and every creature?