Friday, October 13, 2006

Vladimir Putin

There are several variants of the chart of the Russian President, including the A-rated version of the Astrodatabank with ascendent at 3 Scorpio. However, K.N.Rao rectified the chart towards about 13.00 local time, with that political Saturnine stellium on MC and ascendent in Sagittarius. I personally believed that chart, but liked to test it.

The recent noisy political events in Georgia made me think about the connection of the transit picture with the chart of the President. The current astropicture certainly should touch the sensitive points of the natal chart.

First of all, the transiting Mars was approaching the natal Sun, but it was not precise enough to define the ascendent. I wanted to check the position of the fastest body, the Moon, which should hit something important in the Putin's chart to be the trigger of the political crisis.

I started searching the news archive and found quite an accurate record of the events on September 27, 2006, which was the date of the memorable for Georgia retreat from Abkhazia in 1993. As the news stated, four Russian officers were kidnapped in Georgia on September 27, between 17.50 and 18.15.

And guess where was the Moon then? Right, in the first degree of Sagittarius...