Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth has a few images that make the film memorable. I am not keen on these kind of impressions but I admit they make sense in the context. Well, maybe not sewing the cut mouth closed… and the fog… and the insects… Anyway, I was brave enough to stand them – because the film is remarkable. Somehow this strange mixture of WWII Spain and pagan fantasy does manage to bring a solemn idea. It is about self-sacrifice and death which are not the end.

A bitter fairytale, unusual in its bitterness, was created by Guillermo del Toro – a Mexican still attached to his Spanish roots.

On the way home, I was pondering what kind of chart should he have – I like such ‘blind’ puzzles. The guy is clearly Saturnine, so this should be seen from one or both luminaries and from the Saturn itself. Well, here it is:

Sun is in the Saturn’s exaltation and in wide trine with very strong Saturn in own sign. The Moon is just right for his love for scary images, as well as a good description of women in his life: his Catholic grandmother tried to exorcise him because of his persistent interest in drawing monsters. He has said an interesting thing: “I worked for months next to a morgue that I had to go through to get to work. I've seen people being shot; I've had guns put to my head; I've seen people burnt alive, stabbed, decapitated ... because Mexico is still a very violent place. So I do think that some of that element in my films comes from a Mexican sensibility”. As an astrologer, I can assure that this is nothing about Mexico or Catholic background. It is all about Moon in Scorpio.

The movie, although minimalistic and dark, is beautiful (the guy is Libra, after all!). It is very Spanish and as wonderful as only a true fairytale can be. It will feed your brain, impress your eyes and cherish your heart.

And yes, I wish I had that chalk for making doors…