Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wilhelm Hauff

In childhood, I had a thick book of European fairytales, a classic collection of German, French, Dutch and English stories. I didn’t bother much about particular authors, just reading them where opened. Only much later, I realised that those I loved best, “Caliph-Stork”, “The Rescue of Fatima”, “Little Mouk”, “False Prince”, “The Dwarf's Nose”, “Almansor”, “The Adventures of Saïd”, “A Heart of Stone” – they all were written by the same author, Wilhelm Hauff.

In a first cast of his chart before rectification, I found his Moon on the boundary between Capricorn and Aquarius – according to his writings, shift to Aquarius would be just right. I then looked at his appearance and read more about his work (he wrote “Romantic Saga from the History of Württemberg” and peculiar “The Wine-Ghosts of Bremen”, as well as poetry). He died from fever at 25, the same year when he married and got a daughter. Taking into account the above, and also profections for the year of death and fallen Mars in Libra on November 18, 1827, I derived the following chart

The Moon in Aquarius can be justified by fairytale “False Prince”. Two princes, real and false, were tested by two fairy baskets which should be chosen according to engraved motto. One was called “Honour and Truth”, and another “Happiness and Inheritance”. Guess what the false prince chose?

The English translations of the Hauff’s main fairytales are available here.