Thursday, February 28, 2008

Solar Eclipses

On 1st August 2008, a total sun eclipse will be visible over the western Siberia. Sun will be very strong, in fiery royal sign Leo. If we look at the chart of the coming eclipse,

it has heavily loaded 9th house (travel and research) and Jupiter in Capricorn in 2nd house of wealth. This signifies unusual regional activity, which might have been related (as we know the background of Siberia) to the oil industry. Probably yet another oil deposit will be discovered or one of the available start to develop.

Although eclipses are not rare events, a total eclipse in Leo in a particular location is rare. Moreover, according to English astrologer of the XVII century William Lilly,

“wonderful are those effects of an eclipse […] when it is in a fiery and regal sign; […] those people who are intended to be most sensible of this eclipse’s influence are in part kings, emperors, princes, dukes, magistrates of the highest rank and quality in every nation… and these so great alterations in this microcosm shall be so glorious, so conspicuous and apparent, that […] they shall stay amazed and wonder at the eminency of them.”

For instance, for the last sixty years of documented observations, only one such event occurred over the Central Russia - it happened on 11th August 1999, when at noon the Sun was in fiery royal Leo and got almost completely covered, such that the bright summer day significantly darkened. I remember I was watching it staying near the university gates, where I had just got a laboratory to head: no wonder, the eclipse fell into my 10th house of profession. But it was not my little promotion that was signified by the eclipse. On 9th August 1999, future president Putin was promoted to head the Russian Government. Symbolic, isn’t it?

There will be yet another total eclipse with Sun in Leo (and on royal star Regulus). This will happen on 22nd August 2017 over the United States, visible at noon in the capital. It promises a great leader for the country. Since this will be a presidency mid-term, watch then a vice-president or another elevated administrator.

Update of September 10, 2008. One month after the eclipse on 01.08.08, we can look at the immediate outcomes and compare with those of 1999. Very similar to 1999, the eclipse brought military actions (in 1999, it was the final clash with Chechen rebellions, and now it was Ossetian war with Georgia) that finished very shortly and too brought strengthening to the country and respect to its leaders. Cardano mentioned that eclipses in fiery signs bring wars, so with this short-term victorious campaign we have confirmation of both statements, by Cardano and by Lilly.

Moreover, the eclipse chart correctly showed 9-house related activity. On September 10th, the Udokan deposit in Siberia was purchased for development. No, this is not oil, this is the biggest in Russia copper deposit (3rd in the world, 20 million tons), and the tender sold this important licence for the next 20 years. This promises a lot of development to the area.


Dunyazade said...

I'm amazed. I have Vesta in my 9th house at 10 leo, near my 16º leo sun; and my mc is at 27º leo near regulus... so, like, maybe in 2017 I'll have a life changing event that will turn my career for the better :p (I wish!)

Not planning on being made queen though ;)

Gotta check that vesta out ;)
Keep writing!

(God, I love astrology!)

Valerie Livina said...

Hello :)

I am not quite sure what is Vesta, but Sun in Leo in 9th is a very good thing. The eclipse of 2017 may give you a deep scientific/spiritual insight. Good luck!

[I too love astrology :]


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