Saturday, May 10, 2008

President Medvedev

The chart of Medvedev’s presidential inauguration does not tell much new about the present, but some about the future.

Ketu in ascendent and Medium Coeli in Aries with ruler Mars in detriment in 12th house – don’t we know this already? 10th house of power contains Sun and Venus in Taurus, and this is a good indication for the country. Venus rules 4th house of the depth of the earth, and naturally signifies arts and crafts – these promise to be a strong side of the Russian life for the next term. The ruler of 2nd is Mercury in Gemini (the country wealth is obvious), but there is Saturn on the cusp of 2nd, which means that the expenses will still be restricted. And no much fun either: ruler of 5th is afflicted Jupiter in 6th, which also means a lot of work ahead. In the context of strong Venus in 10th, Jupiter in 6th can also be assigned to athletic efforts, therefore sport is becoming prominent in Russian life as well.

The people are signified by Moon, and look where her interests lie – they are in Gemini in 11th house: 11th is 2nd from 10th, which means advisors of the king. Ruler of 11th is the powerful Mercury at the end of 10th house. In fact, this is the strongest planet of the chart, accidentally and essentially. Who is that, guess?
Update of August 31. I am not a sport fan (preferring doing it rather than watching), so I realised just by chance the sport achievements of Russia this year. We won the UEFA super cup ("Zenith"), basketball championship, good place in football European chapmionship (in fact, unusually high place for our team), and finally 3rd place in the Beijing Olympics by medals. The promise of the inauguration chart seems to be fulfilling.


Valerie Livina said...

Russia winning Eurovision08 is as impressive as the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov who wrote and publicly sang a song dedicated to Russian football team in Euro08.

Venus in Taurus in 10th!


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