Saturday, August 09, 2008


I do not know whether the past year was the result of the chosen location of the solar return or it would be fruitful in any case. The current secondary progression uses the birth place, and the ruler of the natal ascendent Moon is in its full dignity in Cancer on the natal Medium Coeli in conjunction with Procyon – probably the solar chart was rather a secondary matter.

Nevertheless, the coming solar will be neither easy nor peaceful, and there is no way to avoid that. When people are talking about free will, they are dealing with negligible illusion that can change this or that route, but not the life events.

But it is better not to know that.

Just to make the birthday special, I came to a countryside medieval church for a concert of Hummel and Mozart. In fact, I rode my bicycle for 25km down there not quite because of Mozart: the festival was patronised by His Highness Prince Charles who attended the concert.

This was special. Hummel is called “proto-romantic”, and Chopin clearly learnt a lot from him; I was very impressed by the music. Sitting in the church listening to Hummel in excellent performance of English Chamber Orchestra, with all those stained-glass windows around, I was thinking about the fate that took me from poor provincial Russia and brought to England for learning. I truly believe that England is the best place on Earth for learning. I was thanking God for all the losses and opportunities that finally led me there.

After the concert, I left the church and saw the Sun setting. It was two days before new Moon, and most planets were near Sun, so I couldn’t expect particular light on the back way home. Well, I thought, I should keep about the same direction to south-east for an hour or so, then probably some star could help me? I looked in that direction and, surprisingly, found Jupiter – it was the only planet rising that time, and it was pointing exactly at my home. What a nice present of the sky.

Should I say that I came home safely and happily, despite the complete darkness during my ride?

Update of August 29. Less than a month after writing this post, I received a letter from Marquis Who's Who stating that my bio would be included among 60,000 to be published in the 2009 edition "Who's Who in the World". Good confirmation of the elevated progressed Moon.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely birthday present to have Jupiter smile down benevolently on you!

I wish you very many happy Solar Returns to come, and long may we have the pleasure of hosting you here in England :-)


Valerie Livina said...

Hello Caroline,

Thank you very much for your kind words and greetings. I truly appreciate.


Sandra said...

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