Saturday, July 25, 2009

To fly or not to fly

When two weeks ago a friend of mine suggested to visit me this weekend coming over on Friday 24.07.09, I firmly said no – travelling just after the eclipse (22.07.09), and under such a bad transit of Moon closing hard aspects of malefics could be really dangerous. The friend was sceptical, and I suggested to wait until the weekend, and if nothing noticeable happened in the world, I would shut up with my astrological advice regarding travel. As the Moon was repeating the configuration I noticed recently and picked for further research, I also added a prediction about possible accidents on water, in particular related to Somalia pirates.

On the day of the cancelled flight (24.07.09) the world news were as follows:

Emergency landing, evacuation and delay of many flights in the Gatwick airport

Iran aircraft fire killed 17

Emergency landing in Scheremetyevo (link in Russian)

Emergency landing in Siberia (link in Russian)

Two died in a light aircraft crash near Saratov (link in Russian)

Bus crash in Russia near Rostov killed 20 people

Seven injured in a car accident in Moscow (link in Russian)

Three died in a car accident in Kirghizia (link in Russian)

Six died in Croatia train crash

Three killed in a car accident in Southern Russia (link in Russian)

Helicopter crash in the USA (link in Russian)

14 injured in a bus crash on Moscow ring road

12 injured in an overturned van in Ukraine

And this is something related to natural accidents:

300 evacuated in Minsk because of the flash flood (link in Russian)

Seven killed in a storm in Poland

Wild fires in Southern Europe

Further accidents on 25.07.09

Flash flood killed 12 in China (link in Russian)

The eclipse on 22.07.09 was visible mainly over Asia, yet it was powerful enough to influence other regions as well
Since the eclipse was one of the longest, its influence will be considerable – yet Lilly in his Annus Tenebrosus mentions that cannot last more than 4 years

It was in the angle

with the chart which is probably saying about further uneasy events (a major earthquake, landslides and flash floods in Asia are plausible)
The good thing is that hopefully my friend would not be that sceptical about astrology any more.

Update of August 10th. On August 5th, there was an earthquake in Siberia - fortunately, in uninhabited area - of magnitude 7.7 (link in Russian). Similarly powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.6 happened in the Indian ocean on August 10th (link in Russian). In Japan, on August 10th, after an earthquake of 6.6 the nuclear station was stopped (link in Russian). On August 9th, typhoon in China caused flood, landslide and evacuation of thousands (BBC link, AP link). Tropical storm caused landslides in Japan (BBC link).

Update of August 14th. Latest BBC links about Japan and Taiwan.

Update of August 20th. Not only Somalia pirates were doing their nasty work in August. The ship with Russian crew Arctic Sea was hijacked. Also, as regards the accident on water, Tonga ferry went missing. Yet another very dramatic news of August was the blast on Sayano-Shuchenskaya power station.


Sjoerd (NL) said...

Please get a life ! next time just fly and forget about the astrology superstition...


Valerie Livina said...

Hello Sjoerd,

I do fly quite a lot

and sometimes even on risky days, if duty calls. Yet, if I have knowledge that warns me about the dates that can be avoided, why would I neglect it?

ruh said...

Terric work, Valerie! Mazeltov!

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