Monday, March 21, 2011

Japan earthquake

In January 2011 I wrote in a public forum of Russian online newspaper that by June 2011 Japan could experience a very significant earthquake. This online thread can be found here.

I mentioned a possible earthquake of magnitude 7.5 or higher, with wide publicity due to the scale of destruction, and I expected the earthquake to be triggered by the solar eclipse in June.

As we now know, it happened at magnitude 8.9 on 11th of March 2011, three months earlier than I expected.


Dharma said...

Dear Valerie,
I have just been introduced to your excellent blog by Google search to inquires i was making on Vedic Astrology positions. Thanks so much for you enlightening and accurate postings and predictions. In regards to the Japan Earth quake, do you as a geo scienctist give any heed to the earth quake happening earlier that you originally predicted because of the Super Full Moon that was approaching a week before its closet to earth axis on 19 March 2011? As a fellow vedic astrologer i would be most intereted in your analysis.

Dharma said...

I would add that there was also significant opposite positions of Jupiter-Saturn, Mercury-Saturn, between Virgo and Pisces while also a conjunction of Jupiter-Mercury in Pisces along with a Mars and Sun conjunction 12th from Pisces and Moon in Taurus. All that played into the dynamics to set off both the earth quake and Tsunami and undermine the stability of the nuclear reactors/radiation leaks. However, the Super Moon agitation of gravity pull nearing is still the question coupled with the planet positions of the day.

Anonymous said...

What a load of shit. I saw a shooting star, then the earthquake happened. Coincidence? YES.

Dharma said...

@Anonymous. Personally, I believe that natural disasters such as the recent Japanese earthquake and Tsunami are created by the movement of tectonic plates causing rift in the upper earth's stability. The radiation instability is caused by the undermining of the earth quake and the Tsunami.

However, what i don't understand is the hostile vulgarity in your response to the question I put forward in good faith to a geo- scientist who also takes into consideration the gravity of Moon's influence on the oceanic atmosphere of the earth's global activity.

Quite frankly, if your response is the quality of intent tolerated and accepted on this blog of Traditional Astrology, then I kindly bow out to other discourse that is professionally put forward in kind.

Valerie Livina said...

Dear Dharma,

Thank you for your comments. I keep thinking over the all possible triggers of such events (my work in progress), and this may take several years before I would be able to give you an answer.

I will post it when it is ready.

Yours sincerely


Peterson Harry said...

Earthquake in Japan (near Honshu) 25 October 2013 – a synoptical Astrology Chart with the position of Comet ISON …

Peterson Harry said...

Earthquake in Japan (near Honshu) 25 October 2013 – a synoptical Astrology Chart with the position of Comet ISON …

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