Thursday, September 07, 2006

Publishing Election

Personally, I was not keen on electing, always preferring to act rather than to ponder over acting. I had recently started doing elections, mainly as the part of the astrogame, and realised that it is... fun.

Yesterday, I got news that my third collection of poems had been published, so I decided to upload it on my web-page - certainly I needed an election for that!

As you see, I am very ambitious about my poetry :) Thanks to heaven, the chart looks quite poetic, with proper 10th, Mercury and Moon, - and yes, with fallen Venus on Regulus in very appropriate for poetry sign... I would not want verses having Venus in Leo, no. I am a sober poet, believe me.

Ah, you can see some of my kids: unfortunately, my English vocabulary is not as extended as Russian one, and I cannot create as many new words as I do in my native language, so I have to sacrifice rhymes to ideas, but rhythm is generally preserved.

For those who can read Russian, more or less complete collection is here.

Enjoy the astrology as well - this beast is in my blood, hence in the poetry...