Sunday, October 01, 2006

Gerard Philipe & Cardano

Last week, I read an amazing article about Gerard Philipe who had been my favourite actor for many years.

As a fan, I collected all available materials: photos, newspaper articles, books, CDs. I even visited Avignon where he performed with TNP. I read the book of his wife Anne Philipe (Le Temps D'un Soupir) written after his death of cancer in 1959, when he was just 37 and at the top of his fame. Their love story was so impressive and unblemished, that I was surprised, when started doing astrology, to see his Venus in Scorpio and retro.

Something was definitely wrong with astrology, I thought, if this youth with angelic appearance, with eight years of respectable family love and two kids, with his wife adoring him and mourning over him for many years after he had passed away, that this symbol of fresh post-war France had astrological indications, as Cardano said, of filthy lust.

Gerard Philipe was born on December 4, 1922 in Cannes, France and died on November 22, 1959. I rectified the chart, but actually only the Venus position is relevant to this post:

The article devoted to Gerard Philipe was published in the "Caravan", Russian 'glamour' magazine, which contains, in particular, stories about past celebrities - good source of data for astrological analysis. It was quite extended, mainly repeating the known facts of his biography, but then there was the most surprising 'personal' section. His father was a Nazi collaborator and escaped the execution moving to Spain. Gerard helped him to break away and often visited him in Barcelona as a made up anonymous - and too visited local brothels, where he became quite known for his harshness. Nobody suspected this in Paris, where he was a famous professional, loving husband and father...

Probably his Jupiter in own term was ashamed, and his dark passions were released occasionally and only in the foreign land.

I do not know whether I should be disappointed about the ideal hero or be impressed with wisdom of Cardano. After all, we are all mortals with our sins... And Gerard Philipe is indeed a great actor.

But the astrology seems to be as triumphant as ever.