Wednesday, November 01, 2006


In this post, I attempt a ‘pararectification’, because the date of birth of great English painter Thomas Gainsborough is unknown. He was baptised on May 14, 1727, and Walter Armstrong in his book ‘Gainsborough and his place in English art’ mentions ‘early days of May’ as the birthdate.

To find the date, I took into consideration the following. Firstly, his paintings are ‘airy’ and elegant, therefore Moon in Libra is under suspicion. Secondly, his mother died on May 24, 1769, when probable Moon in Libra was under square aspect of transit Mars and Saturn in Cancer. Thirdly, he died on August 2, 1788, when transit Mars and Saturn hit axis Virgo-Pisces, which provides probable ascendant in Virgo and fixes the Moon at about 19 Libra (on Spica!) - and such a Moon in secondary progressions confirms his marriage on July 15, 1746 (Moon joins Venus on MC), his disease in 1764 (Moon hits ruler of 6th Saturn), his move to London in 1774 (Moon joins Sun in 9th) and his death (Moon in detriment in contrantiscia to Mars in 8th). Not to mentions his character, his various friends and parties, his nice and funny letters, etc.

Having said that, I present the probable chart:

My own chart has little of earth and none of water, so I generally prefer sounds and words rather than images and shapes. But Mrs Siddons by Gainsborough is my passion indeed. When I visited the National Gallery last time, it was in Austria and should be returned by October. This Saturday, I will check!

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