Monday, November 27, 2006

The Giant

Listening to a live chamber orchestra in a mediaeval church – this is exciting. Today, I was in a baroque concert, where several Bach masterpieces for oboe and violin were presented with quite a good skill, on the background of stained glass windows and church aroma. For you, I post even a better piece, with Sir Yehudi Menuhin’s violin.

The concert carried me back to two experiences – and yes, made me think about astrology.

Dear oboe is one of my most favourite instruments in orchestra, since unforgettable concerto by Frantisek Kramar-Krommer. Only today, in the church, I understood why - listening to its sound, devoid of rough strength of a horn. Of course, it is signified by Aquarius, where Saturn is most dignified and Sun is detrimented. It is the sound of detachment, the most Aquarian among aerophones.

Another remembrance was about visiting Leipzig in 2005, the Thomas Kirche and Bach house there. I was so much impressed that even wrote a poem about this giant. His chart is a rare combination of strength and sweetness, which manifests in the sweetest and most universal art.

Look at the Moon with Jupiter on Spica and at the exalted Venus. If Mercury was stronger, he could be a Poet as well. Thanks God, he devoted himself to music - all his time and efforts, all his precious years, till the final blindness and decline. Thinking how hard and obscure was his life in poverty with a big family (nothing similar to prosperity of Handel), I feel pain. Think about rap stars of the present. Compare.

P.S. I just realised that I mentioned Krommer in the post which was written on his birthdate, November 27!

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