Saturday, November 25, 2006

King of Fears

Today in the morning, I was listening to an informal radio interview with Stephen King, in which some of his favourite pop/rock tracks sounded. I am not a horror fan at all, but human characters are of great interest to me, so I was listening with all attention to his voice, his ideas and especially to those surprisingly plain and monotonic tracks that he picked.

I had scrolled a couple of his books in the past and thought he should be rather a writing businessman with a little bit bigger luck than others. But the music which I was listening to appeared really simple and annoying creating yet another astropuzzle in my head. The chosen music tells lots about the character, doesn’t it? Okay, I didn’t like it, it just meant we are different and our charts are different… So, what was there, in his chart?

The info available on the internet claims an exact time of birth – let’s take it so. There are some articles where his love for horror is explained by Rahu on Algol, but this was not what amused me in this chart.

I found the explanation of his musical taste, this was simple. A more important issue arose though. I realised that it was not the case of cold-blooded businessmen in publishing. No. It was a disturbed mind releasing the fears in writing (look at his Mars and Jupiter). Funny enough, I then found a long list of his fears in a fan-site, from fear of insects to fear of darkness. This spoilt Mars is on Procion, and guess what topic appears quite often in his books? Yes, dogs – both as victims and as monsters.

And, of course, the financial state. Being not so sure in the birth time, I didn’t want to ponder over houses, part of fortune, etc. I looked at Jupiter which was in conjunction with direct (especially strong and erratic) South Node. Cardano said such a combination rarely gives prosperity, but here is $40 million annual income - puzzling!

Googling, googling… In the beginning of his family life, he lived on the wive’s loan and worked at a gas station. Then he got a teaching job, earning $7000 a year. Then he was involved with alcohol for a decade, then he got cocaine-valium-marijuana addictions, but wife saved him. And his care about money is expressed as follows: “If you wrote something for which someone sent you a check, if you cashed the check and it didn't bounce, and if you then paid the light bill with the money, I consider you talented”. Erratic enough? The good side of this constellation is his philanthropy in the later years. The guy is not a miser!

Well, I do not like horror genre. It is nothing about beauty and good. But whatever rubbish is there, he is at least Sagittaringly honest: “I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and fries”.

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