Friday, January 19, 2007


There is no better example of insight than Newton’s apple. Ordinary object leading to extraordinary understanding – for that there should be something peculiar in the chart.

What is so exceptional here that created a great scientist? Mercury? No. It is Moon. She is full, in own house, separating by trine from Venus and applying to the most dignified and creative Jupiter. Funny enough, sci reviews say that Newton “offered science a consistent, intuitive approach for observing the universe”. Indeed, the chart is very intuitive, and intuition is fructified by weak Mercury which should ‘get stuck’ to think deeper and finally formulate what the Moon had understood long time ago.

Then similar kind of mental pattern should be found in another genius chart? Albert Einstein? Let’s check!

Right. Mercury in conjunction with detrimented Saturn and Moon applying by trine to Venus and by sextile to Jupiter.

Mercury afflicted by Saturn and Moon supported by benefics. Future mothers, make notes in your diaries if you wish to give birth to a genius!

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