Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mr Centaur

I see only one reason why topic ‘Moon in Libra’ appears so often in my posts: the radar of my Libra ascendent easily locating such a Moon around.

Today I saw ‘Rocky Balboa’, and this simple movie touched me. Because, as you can imagine, Sylvester Stallone has Moon in Libra, yes.

The movie is nicely Cancerian: it is about family, remembrances, and fighting to prove oneself. One moment really caught me: when he tells to his son that life always tries to put us down, and the point is not the problems but how we overcome them. Truism indeed, but very good truism. Old good truth from old good Cancer chap. Well, Sly is 60! One could not believe that seeing him fighting in the ring.

What makes this Cancer such a warrior? If you have not noticed yet, he was born the same day as President Bush, with Sun on Sirius, the great dog star. This doggy Sun (dog also appears in the movie) is sextiled by Mars, which is already a very active combination. Mars is in Virgo, and this helps not only in training but also in thinking how to apply the trained abilities. Moon on Spica with ruler of asc Jupiter is very lucky indeed. Finally, Sagittarius is rising, which means nothing but centaur. Look at his body – astrological symbolism is written in those muscles.

Well, the movie is simple but really nice. Dignified Moon helped Mr Stallone to create more or less realistic plot and screen frames pleasant for eyes (at least mine, Libra asc!).

Good to see the strength which does not want to be demolished by time. I am looking forward to the next Rocky film, in 2016!


Anonymous said...

Bush and Stallone have the same Sun of Usa :(

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