Sunday, January 07, 2007

Spirit of Sadism

Last night, when I was sitting in cinema watching Apocalypto, I only remembered that Mel Gibson is a Capricorn. The film is indeed Capricornian: it is cruel, simple, with proper amount of worms, corpses, dwarves, snakes, insects, cut heads, and dirty jokes to satisfy its creator. I was pondering where might have been his Moon to make such beautiful pictures of forest, pyramids, fights (yes, I cannot just watch movies, as ‘normal’ people do, - I analyse them astrologically). Surely, the Moon should be in Libra I thought: his movies are visually attractive and are not disgusting even in the most cruel episodes.

I came home and cast an approximate chart without knowing exact birthtime - and found Moon on the boundary between Virgo and Libra. I thought I should rectify this chart, and first step would be to move Moon to Libra, but I then suddenly found his exact birthdata. Yes, Moon is in Libra:

As Ben Walters named it, the “spirit of sadism” of this movie is quite remarkable. In the first half, I was disturbed by excess of really unnecessary visual shocks, but the film then turned into the action phase, at which Mel Gibson is good, and I started enjoying it. Yeah, all of us are still animals, and the instincts readily lead us to join a running prey or battling warriors. Personally, I always liked watching big strong guys fighting, and Raoul Trujillo (the leader of invaders) was a pleasant figure in this sense.

But what is the “solid residue” of the movie which was created by the same person who shot “The Passion of the Christ” recently (except plain moralities which sounded pretty Catholic in this pagan film)? Was it about necessity to hide in forest to escape the modern world? Or maybe it was about the right end of the cruel paganism due to arriving Spanish at the end of the film?

They say Mr Gibson suffers bipolar disorder. I am not a doctor, I am an astrologer. I look at his square Sun-Moon with negative reception, at his retro Jupiter in detriment, conjunction Saturn-Mars in Scorpio - these explain his cinematographic style. I would not dare to analyse “The Passion of the Christ”, for I do not want to intrude into religious matters. “Apocalypto” has no such taboo – and gives a good explanation of the same forces that drive Mr Gibson in his work.


AdrienneNesser said...

hi i'm from italy,'s a very beautiful film!

Valerie Livina said...
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Valerie Livina said...

Hello :) Yes, the film is beautiful! That's exactly what I wrote about :)

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