Sunday, February 18, 2007


In the beginning of January I met two women who I had known for quite a while. One came in a book, another on a CD. Their birthdates differ for five days – and 455 years.

Diana de Poitier was a lady of French king Henri II who was 20 year younger and loved her from childhood till his tragic death in a knight contest. This famous love story has preserved the legend about the beauty of the woman who looked young and charming even at 60.

Their love triangle with Catherine Medici made me curious about their charts. I expected to see an outstanding synastry between Diana

and Henri
whereas something less impressive with Catherine

Catherine has indications of quite a good marriage (although both she and Henri had physiological defects so that they couldn’t conceive a child for first ten years of their marriage). Yet another interesting detail is that Catherine's Part of Fortune, if calculated with classic reversed formula, falls onto the cusp of 8th house in Scorpio, being disposited (and aspected) by ruler of ascendent Mars; with non-reversed formula, it would be placed in 6th in Virgo, which would be irrelevant to her interests in magic and occultism.

In Diana’s chart, both her royal partners afflict her Sun by Saturn. Her Mars afflicts Henri’s Moon, and her stellium in Capricorn afflicts Catherine’s Moon. Not too comfortable combination to live with for twenty years.

We do not know much about their private life, but there are two episodes which shed light on this. One - when Catherine made a hole in her floor and enviously watched a love scene between Diana and Henri. Another – when in the later period of Henri’s life, Diana caught him on having a short story with English lady-in-waiting. I guess Henri’s Moon got what it deserved then.

Diana applied some natural cosmetics to preserve the beauty given by nature, but she was also known as a passionate hunter and rider (her nickname was Diana the Huntress) – these exercises were a kind of fitness that time. Her portraits confirm the legendary beauty.

Another woman who I met was Annie Lennox with her album ‘Bare’ which I had at last purchased. Was it just a coincidence that her chart is very similar to Diana’s?

Was it by chance that I bought the CD and the book about Diana, ‘The Serpent and the Moon’, at the same time, under Capricornian Sun? Is it meaningless that the author, Princess Michael of Kent, is a beautiful Capricorn lady herself? And isn’t it amazing that she got interested in the Diana’s story when mother explained her addiction to black and white cloths by links to Diana in their family tree? Two Capricorns should love black and white, especially if they are royal relatives.

What makes Lennox and Diana similar is their long-lasting beauty. Lennox is 52, and one can easily believe that such a lady could be loved by a king at her age. This holds for ladies with Moon in Capricorn as well; just look at Judie Dench or Cher.

I do not claim that all Capricorns are beautiful, nor is their beauty exceptional; for example, Pisces are much more attractive and softer in character. But if a Capricorn has got beauty, it will last as long as possible, with all the necessary treatments. If lavender and balms do not help, plastic surgery is yet another option! Saturn, who governs these people, is the best preserver.

Listen to one of Lennox’s tracks, ‘Loneliness’. This is a Capricorn singing!

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