Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hot Fuzz

When incomparable English humour gets coupled with blockbuster funding in film production, one can expect an awesome result. This has happened to HotFuzz – and I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Idyllic provincial England painted with irony in the beginning of the film is as realistic as scary London. Then drama and horror are added to paint, and the finale promises to be serious. If it was made in Hollywood it would be so, but do not forget it is English, so the heavy fire kills nobody and even wounds are rather occasional, whereas the final ‘battle’ in the supermarket is a complete grotesque. The scene of the village fraternity meeting is terrific – just look at those typical faces of society pillars weirdly blaming the killed neighbours.

The actors are great, and the director’s work is worth compliments. Half a star should be subtracted for a rather non-realistic final impression. It is all fun, but where have you seen so crazy English as that supermarket manager? And after heavy fire there should be at least some corpses, no?

I wanted to learn more about director Edgar Wright and looked at his chart.

In XVI century Girolamo Cardano said that conjunction Mars-Saturn indicates violence, but in this particular case both benefics, Venus & Jupiter, are strongly dignified which makes the violence artistic and harmless. Shooting without killing – this is possible only in cinema. Lucky guy, he got the right way to release the influence of stars.

Go for it, just do not eat too much before attending and be ready to laugh into fits.