Sunday, February 11, 2007

Charlotte's Web

Do you love pigs? Not pork, but pigs? If not, you should go to see Charlotte’s Web – it is a warm pastoral fairytale about friendship in general, with pigs in particular. After watching it, don’t be surprised if you become vegetarian! The movie is most touching and with an excellent cast. I absolutely love Julia Robert’s voice of a well-educated spider. To tell you the truth, I think I now love spiders too!

The story is so nice and emotional, one cannot believe it was written by a male. Elwyn Brooks White had been a famous columnist in ‘The New Yorker’ magazine for several decades, but he also published children books and extended Strunk’s book on English writing. They say that White’s style was ‘wry, understated, thoughtful, and informed’, and this sounds perfectly correct about the language which is used in the film. The plot has a reserved emotional tone – because of the Sun in Cancer and Mercury & Moon in Leo (note the reception Mercury-Sun in two minor dignities), and Moon being on Regulus, in sextile with Jupiter.

Emotions and words, with Mercury in fixed sign, should produce something really firm, whether it is a book for adults or for children. If a fairytale may be named convincing, this is the case. ‘Omit needless words' – and those used should be effective indeed. I am happy my Mercury is exactly in the same place in Leo as White’s – this gives me a hope!

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