Sunday, February 04, 2007

Patrick Marber

The ‘Notes on a Scandal’ is an adaptation of Zoe Heller's novel by the author of ‘Closer’, Patrick Marber. It is rather a step forward, because that mess was about adults, and this mess includes a spoilt schoolboy. If one analyses the plot, it is about one teacher who sleeps with a pupil and another one who pretends to control and manipulate the situation for own interests, like forcing to share grief about a dead cat. Obviously, this should explode sooner or later. What a nice school fantasy!

My first idea was to write about Judie Dench whose incredible talent allows her to perform the full spectrum of personages, from eccentric Mrs Henderson to Queen Elizabeth and from M in 007 series to this sick lady teacher. But I then saw the photo of Patrick Marber and changed my mind. This guy is as remarkable as Judie Dench, astrologically.

Why are the heroes so hesitated and undecided? Because the chart has axis stellium along dual Pisces-Virgo. Why are the stories and dialogs so surprising, unusual and well-written? Look at that exalted Mercury with Uranus. And why is he blessed with awards and recognition? Well, trine Sun-Jupiter is a gift, Jupiter being in reception with Moon, and Sun without any affliction with strong dispositor. The guy got all the luck to deliver fantasies to the public. Enjoy!

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