Monday, February 26, 2007


First, some introduction. I hope you understand why I love Baccara since I first heard this song in Leningrad music-hall in 1979. It was performed by singers Vardasheva and Nevzglyad, with some fictitious Russian text, but the music was and is evergreen.

I have found the info of composer Rolf Soja

Exalted Venus and Moon are aspected by Jupiter – what can be better for music?

And lyrics are amusing as well: ‘The devil sent you to Laredo because he knew that I was there”. Nice and sketchy, just right for pop songs. There should be Venus-Mercury connection in the chart of writer Frank Dostal, with Jupiter involved:

Both guys got Moon in Taurus, and it was a fruitful tandem indeed. If the girls didn’t start quarrelling over priority of voices, we could enjoy many more hits of theirs.

Well, it is in the past but not over!