Sunday, February 25, 2007

Music, lyrics & luck

As the Sun has come into Pisces, it is time to meet Pisces actresses, and this week I met two, Drew Barrymore and Michel Morgan. Additionally, both of them have Moon in Cancer - and both are great at performing [showing, playing] emotions.

Michel Morgan’s film of the week is ‘Fallen Idol’ (1948), where she is just 28 and as beautiful as a precious statuette, with surprisingly mature performance techniques. It reminds me once again about her unblemished, highly-dignified and well-aspected Moon.

Barrymore’s ‘Music and Lyrics’ is a nice, skilfully performed comedy - fun to watch, although not much to remember. Drew Barrymore is great at comedy, which is well explained by her Gemini ascendent (the birth time is declared as precise, and it is believable).

Ms Barrymore is as a sweet as one can expect from Pisces with strong Jupiter and exalted Venus. She could probably be a happy wife, but the list of her boyfriends and husbands is already too long for her age. This is because not only Venus is participating in love affairs: look at the affliction of the Moon by exalted Mars and detrimented retro-Saturn.

The girl she performs in the film is very much like her – and this helps! The same has happened to Mr Grant, who performs a bored celebrity.

Look how lucky is his chart: five planets in own houses! With this luck and Sun in Virgo, it is not surprising that guy is bored and criticising everything, whether it is kissing Julie Roberts (‘Very big-mouthed! Literally, physically, she has a very big mouth. It is a very big mouth. When I was kissing her I was aware of a faint echo’) or own profession which brought him fame and wealth (‘I think film acting's just a miserable experience. It's so long and so boring and so difficult to get right’).

I am wondering is it really a good thing, luck?

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