Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Art & Science

When I started preparing post mentioning Julia Roberts, and read some trivia before considering her chart, I learnt that her initial dream was to become a veterinary. That moment, my immediate thought was the lady should be one of those souls with influence of dog stars, Procyon (Canis Minor) or Sirius (Canis Major), either with her natal planets, or with chart angles. I then found her birth info, cast the chart, and got her ascendent on Procyon – no surprise!

Oh, I thought, I know yet another chart with ascending dog star: Arnold Schwarzenegger. He should be a dog-fancier! But even if I found that he had dogs, so what? So many people love dogs… To write a nice post, I needed something more impressive…

I started googling… First info was quite bizarre: the Governon of California found himself buying a bottle of beef flavoured beer for his dog. I then found an official article that he signed a legislation (SB 1578) to outlaw inhuman dog tethering, and two other bills to enhance pet safety. Interesting, isn’t it?

Wait, this was not the end. I found that California was the second state obtaining such legislations - second after Connecticut, which in 2003 passed a law, banning dog chaining for an unreasonable period of time.

Huh, I thought, what if the Governor of Connecticut in 2003 too had accented Procyon or Sirius?? I easily found birthdate of John G. Rowland, who was the Governor in 1995-2004. The guy was involved in a corruption scandal, but this was not my doggy business. I just cast his chart – and yes, found his Mars on Sirius…

Enthusiastic statistician Michel Gauquelin, after extensive tests of astrology, said the following: “It is now quite certain that the signs in the sky which presided over our births have no power whatever to decide our fates, to affect our hereditary characteristics, or to play any part, however humble, in the totality of effects, random or otherwise, which form the fabric of our lives and mould our impulses to action”.

I am wondering would he be impressed with two Governors influenced by dog stars and signing dog legislations? Oh, I forgot to mention that I myself have Procyon right on my midheaven (i.e., the point related to profession), and I used to work in a kennel club in my native city…

Gauquelin was condemned to fail in his analysis: he applied his brain without involving intuition. Never forget that astrology is not only science, but also art.