Sunday, March 11, 2007


Although I expected much of "The devil wears Prada", the final impression was just a bit more than average. Yes, Meryl Streep is as magnificent as ever, and her young companion Anne Hathaway demonstrates comparable performance, but something is not exactly right there. Something that makes the film not quite believable. Of course, I believe that one can leave the fashion industry for more relaxed journalism, and I believe that one can come back to beloved boyfriend despite all bright attractions of the glamour world. The thing I couldn’t believe was Anne Hathaway herself.

She is, indeed, a talented actress, both in comedy and melodrama. What I couldn’t believe were her transformations: neither was she so simple in the beginning, when entered the fashion business, nor was she natural when left it. She is far too glamourous to believe that. This is not her fault, but rather a casting mistake: let’s say, Renee Zellweger would be perfect for this role, some years back…

Also, I was thinking that two ladies, Anne Hathaway and Julia Roberts, with smiles being their “trademarks”, should be similar astrologically. Looking at their charts, one can see they both have Sun in Scorpio influenced by Jupiter (sextile and conjunction), in sextile with exalted Mars in Capricorn, - and afflicted Venuses.

Their sex appeal might have been not an easy gift.

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