Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ghost Rider

The story of a sold soul, although not quite new, is exciting for the man. I find the variant with ill father a respectable reason for fall, and Nicolas Cage’s face of a sufferer, together with good special effects, is convincing (if a diabolic story can be named so). At times, the plot is too predictable and Eva Mendes’ performance is too simple, but there is one thing which I love, being an astrologer. This is the film line of four astrological elements - Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

Watery guy is wet, earthy guy looks like a bulk of soil, windy guy flies fast - and they are all evil, whereas the hero is merrily fiery. Never mind that he crashes city asphalt and occasionally burns cars and stores – who cares about property when the sins have been punished? Note that he never acts violently himself – he just activates the inner evil of the sinners to destroy them from inside. And yes, fire finally destroys those three – evaporating water, burning earth and tornadoing wind, the last clearly showing which element is the most compatible with fire.

Honestly, this film is the best compliment for my Sun in Leo. No, I haven’t sold the soul, but I know the pain which takes to learn how to manage own power. And I know well how destructive can it be if lost control. And I understand why Ghost Rider didn’t give up his abilities at the end. The ruthless power of fire, if managed properly, is a rare gift.

For philosophical symbolism - and for the moment when Rider is flying over the illuminated city down there – and for the fiery Cowboy - four stars out of five.