Monday, March 05, 2007


This film is a spectacular show about a showman. No wonder, the story was written by Leo Steven Millhauser and performed by Leo Edward Norton (I suspect director Neil Burger too has some point in Leo, but his info is unavailable).

Since the whole film is about the story, the storywriter is of the main interest here. Steven Millhauser was born in New York on 3 August 1943, and his career is an interesting plot in itself. He never completed the pursued doctorate at Brown University, but won Pulitzer Prize in later years. For such oddity in career, one needs influence of fixed stars.

Mercury on Regulus and Jupiter on Praesepe. Well, show me a chart where our art does not work…

This beautiful story about illusions is well-shot and has properly surprising final. I just do not quite understand why Crown Prince was pushed to suicide if there was no real reason to blame him? Ah yes, we Leos do not care about details…

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