Sunday, March 25, 2007

This is Sparta!

"300" movie has changed my opinion that the golden era of cinema has gone. No, it hasn’t: although increasing amount of cinematographic production delivers more weak movies, still there are talents potent to create true art.

In this film, each moment is visually and emotionally overwhelming – how else, when one sees pure beauty and pure heroism? The cast is perfect, the art direction is perfect, the plot has been perfect since the battle of Thermopylae: the blameless story of human spirit sacrificing itself for Motherland.

It is not easy to define the only “parent” of this masterpiece: is it Frank Miller and Lynn Varley whose graphic novel was implemented, or director Zack Snyder, or the art direction team (which is the same as in “Fountain”, so one can draw conclusions about the source of the merit of that movie as well) - or maybe in the epoch of industrial cinema there is no point in seeking the main author? These days, great blockbusters are born by teams to influence society…

The being, the movie - when was it born then? It happened at peculiar Butt-numb-a-thon annual film marathon in Austin, Texas, which started on December 9, 2006. The movie, however, was the last in the list of 12 surprises, so the actual time of the premier was December 10.

Look at that stellium of five planets in Sagittarius, covering 10th and 11th houses – this is the fame and the income from the fame. Look at the Moon in 7th on Regulus – this is the amazed public – in conjunction with heavily afflicted Saturn ruling ascendent: the movie isn’t that easy for watching, it is brutal indeed. Twelve movies were shown in the marathon, but “300” got the best time for birth.

Note Lena Headey as queen of Sparta. People talk about ‘non-celebrity’ cast, but I have noticed this lady already in “The Brothers Grimm” – I believe she will be a celebrity, and quite soon.