Monday, April 23, 2007


We are told that the Sun is an average star in the infinite universe, but it is so beautiful and captivating, that even such a plain movie as “Sunshine” makes an impression.

The film is well-founded scientifically, but artistically is quite boring - even its thrill is as known and seen before. Instead of creating artificial horror, they would better show more Sun – more and more. I understand the film couldn’t be just an astronomical shot, but really, I liked the Sun images better than those strange variations of the plot.

It is all fantasy, but how comes that such an expedition is launched without a spare source of oxygen? And that burnt mad guy – how could he find his preys, where were his eyes if his entire body was grilled?? I am asking consultants??

OK, enough of physics and biology. Better guess, in a film about the Sun, how many actors, out of eight, should be born with Sun in Leo, which is the house of the Sun? According to the probability theory, less than one, right? In the “Sunshine”, four out of eight are Leos. And the movie was “born” in the Fantasy Filmfest in Bochum under exalted Sun in Aries! Here is the chart (cast for usual first screen in the Bochum filmtheatre, 15.00):

Very expressive, isn’t it? Strong Venus in the midheaven, the ruler of ascendent is, of course, Sun - in the house of science, 9th. Detrimented Saturn in ascendent in opposition with Mars – the thrill for the poor public… And creative Jupiter in 5th…

Well, I love the Sun. Although I see some weaknesses of this film, I am grateful to its creators for the show.

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