Sunday, April 29, 2007

What's "Next"?

I watched this film with professional interest. The movie is about foreseeing future – quite an astrological topic. The plot is rather chaotic, and nuclear terrorism reminds those numerous movies of the Cold War time, but the film states interesting philosophical questions. What if we know what happens next? Shall we change it? And if we change it, what was that what we saw as future? And what is destiny then?

Nicolas Cage is perfect for such roles: his face is dramatic and smart. He starts aging, and this makes him only more handsome – this is typical for Capricorns. They are also inclined to prophecy, due to their slow and wise ruler Saturn, - good for performing a magician and seer.

The choreography of the scences where he employs his superpower is magnificent. I just do not envy the brain which has only a few minutes to find a solution, while the present is being alternated every moment – what an overwhelming task! Seems life is easier to live blindly.

As my own attempt of clairvoyance, I wanted to find who is an Aquarius in this enterprise: the story is pretty much Aquarian. I started searching the web, found three screenplay writers (Gary Goldman, Jonathan Hensleigh, Paul Bernbaum), and finally realised that the story was written by sci-fi author Philip Dick who died in 1982. There are some other stories of his which were implemented in famous films: “Blade Runner”, “Total Recall”, “Minority Report”, and “A Scanner Darkly”.

So, guess what I have found in Aquarius in his chart? The Moon.

If Philip Dick was still alive, I would have to disillusion him: although the future can be foreseen, it cannot be changed. If it was not so, the future couldn’t be foreseen: each time of ‘free will’ people would make the following events unpredictable. And we know they are predictable, don’t we?

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