Monday, May 28, 2007


Dostoevsky’s genius does not fade with time. The main cause is his conscience and psychological insights, explaining processes that are changing much slower than the material world. In fact, what he wrote 150 years ago about Russians and society is still correct in spite of political and industrial changes. In some opinions he was too idealistic and exaggerating, some changes he just couldn’t foresee, but there are views which are amazingly modern – and probably will remain as such for a long time.

As I wrote earlier, intuition, as well as mind and conscience, is provided by beneficial Moon. In Dostoevsky’s chart, Moon is influenced by both Jupiter and Venus, as well as by Mars and detrimented Saturn. This gives him understanding, although not healthy at times (remember his epilepsy). Sun in Scorpio helps in psychological work.

Today I read a piece of his diary dedicated to Kroneberg court which was won by famous lawyer Spasovic. Dostoevsky starts with general views on lawyer institution, on talent, and finally gives detailed description of the court. Spasovic managed to discharge the cruel father who beat 7-years-old daughter for stealing sugar, and this caused many public debates. Spasovic professionally created images of spoilt girl and almost innocent father – just by rearranging facts, hiding or suppressing some of them and making loud others. Dostoevsky shows how this talent served immoral purposes.

Some of the quotes are worth to be translated. “This is the school of resourcefulness of mind and dryness of heart, the school of perversion of any healthy feeling according to need, the school of any possible daring, fearless and unpunished, permanent and restless, according to any request and enquiry, and it is somehow made a principle or even prowess, to which all around applause”. “Spasovic’s speech seemed to be a piece of art; nevertheless in my heart it made almost disgusting impression”. “An advocate cannot afford conscience, and it is pity that society creates this and makes it normal”.

To understand what kind of person Spasovic was, one can look at his chart:

Dostoevsky didn’t pretend to change the social institutions, but his sensitive Moon felt that this successful law story was wrong.