Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Norfolk Tour

For several months, my cherished dream was to use the May Day bank holiday for a bicycle tour. Three days off is just a perfect timeframe for exploring the county. I decided to take a train to Cromer as a nice start with sea view, and to choose the departure time, I found a trip election (within available train times):

It is not that perfect, but at least 9th house is ok. Departure time at 1.45pm looked late, but it was only for better, as I realised quite soon. Another unpleasant feature was Mars in 8th, which ruled 9th, in watery Pisces, and in square with Moon, but I hoped that Jupiter would support the Moon in any case. With this election, I had purchased the train ticket and was waiting impatiently for the holiday.

Ah, Mars was watery… Two days before the weekend, I read MetOffice forecast promising rain and cold over the weekend. The circumstances were confusing: I didn’t feel well, the weather was expected to be bad, and finally, just before the trip I got a puncture in front wheel – and realised that old tyre should be replaced as well.

I cast horary: Shall I go for the tour?

See 3rd and 9th houses? There was no doubt: I should. Great wandering, as well as great learning, was inevitable.

In the morning of the tour day, I rushed to bicycle shop to buy new tyre and spare tubes, sorted everything in hurry, and was ready to start. Afternoon train was just right!

Our team of passengers experienced a weird incident: when we had boarded into the train on the proper platform, three minutes before the departure we were told to move… to another train which was delivered ahead. So, I grabbed my chained bike and run into the train ahead. Nice beginning? Mars in 8th, remember?

Fortunately, this was the most dramatic episode of the tour. Less dramatic was the rain, most of which fell at night between Sunday and Monday when I peacefully slept in a B&B. Well, I got four or five hours of it next morning, too. But warm drizzling is rather a fun for a biker – just don’t forget to shake glasses from time to time.

I saw many wonders of beautiful and diverse Norfolk, and below are some of the photos that I took on the way.

The famous Cromer pier:

Still active 10-inch rail in Wells-next-the-sea:

Village where Horatio Nelson was born:

The Norfolk Coast Path in marshland (too narrow and uneven for biking, really)

Marvellous Hunstanton Cliffs:

Famous Norfolk Lavender (too early for blooming, but already lilac)

Then I came to the Norfolk Retreat of Her Majesty The Queen, Sandringham

and saw parade Rolls-Royce, which served Her Majesty for 40 years

Castle Acre near Swaffham

Ancient Peddar’s Way is real off-road (the red bin is for cleaning after dogs!)

Medieval Buckenham is well and alive

In total, I have done about 300km in three days. It was a relaxed trip, rather slow compared with marathon 200km a day, but slow biking is great for learning – just as the horary promised.

If you are still wondering about the meanings of that Mars in 8th, I can report that on the way I saw five funeral services, one burial park, and numerous churches with graveyards…


Anonymous said...

Most enjoyable Valerie! Lovely photos :0)


Valerie Livina said...

Thank you Caro :)


Ciccia said...

Really nice Valerie! Lovely pictures too. Coming from Italy, I still don't like rain, but I always admire your strenght.
I must add that churches with graveyards are not particularly rare in Britain.

Valerie Livina said...

Ciao :)

Yep, many of graveyards over there, and dozens of killed birds and rabbits on the roads :( That's why I mentioned 8th house which symbolises death...

Anonymous said...

Valerie said:....and dozens of killed birds and rabbits on the roads....

Hmm, you said you were slow bicyclist:-)


Valerie Livina said...

Hello Trojan :)

They were killed by cars, indeed.