Thursday, June 21, 2007


This summer, the overwhelming number of sequels makes producers rich and happy; not sure about the public.

Fantastic Four with Silver Surfer, who is just a twin of the liquid-metal guy in the Terminator; Pirates, who try to shake the world for the third time; ever-sticky Spiderman; ever-inventing Ocean-Number-Next – they are flying, jumping, burning, drawing, freezing, and make audience rather confused. Brand new movies look too familiar to be fun and too similar to make proper impression. I admit Pirates are more distinctive among them, but after a month, the thing I remember the most is the dwarf with grenade discharger. That was a good joke!

Four films were released within two month, under strong retrograde Jupiter (Pirates – 19 May, Disneyland; Spiderman – 16 April, Tokyo; Silver Surfer – 13 June, Middle East; Ocean – 24 May, Cannes). This is good period for Big Repetitions, because Jupiter signifies expansion, and retro-motion signifies return to the previous. Sequel Time!

The difference between four charts is in position of faster planets (Mars, Venus, Mercury, and luminaries). All have dignified Mars, which is good for action. The best Moon is in the chart of Pirates: it is in own house, waxing, and applying to Venus. In fact, Pirate’s chart is the strongest among four, taking into account such Moon and four planets in own houses (Jupiter, Mars, Moon and Mercury). Note also Mercury on Rigel, which explains unusual visual tricks. Spiderman has a lucky chart, but the Moon is too weak; the same about Silver Surfer. These two are good at earning money, but not at being outstanding. Ocean13 has Moon in Virgo in conjunction with Dragon Tail – conjunction of the luminary with own node is an affliction, leaving the Moon without power (and public without bright impression). This affliction is slightly compensated by the strong dispositor, Mercury in own house, which makes the movie intellectual. Indeed, Moon in Virgo makes Ocean different from Pirates, with its childish Moon in Cancer.

I think I have eaten fill of blockbusters and need some cinema diet. Black and white mute films of the 1920s could probably help to recover. Or just stop watching sequels, unless they have five or six planets in own houses.

P.S. News from the screen. Until Jupiter will turn direct in August, we get eight more sequels: third Shrek, yet another Harry Potter, Hostel-2, DieHard4.0, RushHour3, yet another Bourne, Evan Almighty (sequel of Bruce Almighty), and Are we done yet? (sequel of Are we there yet?) Cinema has its niche in the mundane astrology...

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