Sunday, June 24, 2007


When filming a portrayal movie, matching actor and personage, in both character and appearance, is essential. People of cinema find such matches intuitively, sometimes after a long and painful cast. The result might be successful or not, depending on the luck of director, actor, and not the least the personage.

In “La Vie En Rose”, the personage is incredible Edith Piaf, with her rises and downfalls of extreme amplitude, which can well be explained astrologically.

As Dorothy Kovach correctly wrote in her post on AngelicusMerlin Yahoo group, this chart has indications of remarkable voice (ruler of 2nd Jupiter in 5th in own sign Pisces) and public elevation (ruler of ascendent Mars in Leo in midheaven, on major royal star Regulus). However, one should remember that the nature of fixed stars is so variable and unstable that extreme luck is followed by extreme losses. An immediate example is Napoleon, who had Sun in Leo in midheaven on Regulus, with very similar picture of life fluctuations, from royal position to exile. Fixed stars have power to elevate – and to destroy.

Marion Cotillard, who performed Edith Piaf, is not just a talented actress similar in appearance under proper make-up. She is too a Regulus-person, with her Venus on the same royal star.

Since Venus is far less violent than Mars, one can expect her career to be smoother than that of Piaf – luckier, and still as pronounced. In addition, she has Mercury on another royal star, Spica. To be chosen for the role immediately bringing stardom, the actress should possess both talent and luck, and this is where fixed stars are so important. Talent without luck is bound to disappear unnoticeable.

Director Olivier Dahan said, “From the very beginning I had her in mind. There were some other actresses who called me - some really good actresses - but I was really sure of Marion without even knowing her. I don't know why."

I can tell why – because of Regulus and Spica. The story of great singer should be told by similar people. What seems to be spontaneous coincidence, in fact is a part of grand plan, which sometimes can be observed with our modest knowledge.

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