Saturday, July 07, 2007

Antonella Ruggiero

When I was a little girl (I believe 6 or 7), an older relative of mine acquainted me with music of then popular Italian band “Matia Bazar”. Nothing nostalgic about the relative, but I will explain below. Many years later, I recalled the impression of the childhood and ordered a CD of “Matia Bazar”, a collection of hits. I listened to it and again liked the music, just as I did many years ago. In fact, our tastes do not change much, only accumulating information.

But something was wrong with the singer, I didn’t like her voice: it was not as impressive as in my childhood. Nice voice, but nothing special. I felt disappointed. I looked at musical sites and… surprise. The band changed the singer. The voice on the CD was not the right voice: I should look not for Matia Bazar, but for Antonella Ruggiero.

I got her CD. What can I say? She is incredible. My built-in sensor detected this many years ago and confirms now.

Open this YouTube link in another window and listen to her really transcendent voice. Meanwhile I will tell you the other part of the story.

I cast her chart. Yes, Moon in Libra, on royal star Spica, in conjunction with exalted Saturn, in sextile with Venus - the Moon of an Artist.

Why such a link with her singing for many years? Because this Moon trines my Venus and Moon. And why that guy in my childhood was her fan? Because her Venus and Mercury embrace his Moon in Sagittarius, and her Sun in Scorpio trines his Sun in Cancer… See how people choose favourites?

Various arts can be created by various types of people, but this kind of unblemished harmony belongs to Libras.