Thursday, October 25, 2007

London Free Wheel

On September 23, the London Free Wheel event closed central London for all kinds of transport except bicycles. Thousands of excited bikers came out of their side line obscurity and traffic humiliation to enjoy the London bridge


and even the City tunnel which has ever been closed for bikers

During the day, one could observe all varieties of bikes, including folding Bromptons and more extravagant hybrids

To enjoy the day, people took kids

and even pets

It should be noted that the event was very well organised, with clear signposts and many traffic-controllers – thanks to Hovis bakery and the Mayor of London. By the end of the day, the bikers were tired, happy and relaxed

What a biker paradise was London that day. Freedom at maxi!

Would it be surprising to find the Moon in the independence-loving Aquarius that day?

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