Saturday, October 27, 2007


Today “Stardust” reminded me the recent post that I wrote about the influence of Jupiter on cinema. Now Jupiter is not retro, but swift and direct in own sign, and instead of good sequels we get very good original films. In fact, this strong Jupiter signifies an exceptional period in cinema, when the genre reaches a new stage, combining visual and humanistic achievements. This highly favourable period will continue till the middle of December, and look what we get ahead, before Jupiter movies into Capricorn: Elizabeth, The Golden Compass, and Beowulf. They are expansive, majestic, and sumptuous, just as the children of strong Jupiter should be. In Capricorn, where Jupiter is in its fall, this will turn into something different. Will see…

The world release of the film happened in Russia, on August 9, although the pre-screen took place in a Moscow multiplex on August 7, and the chart of this evening premier is indeed successful:

It has the benefic in the ascendent for own dignity, Moon in the 7th house for popularity, and royal fixed stars for luck. I should note that for me seeing world premiers happening in Russia means something bigger than promotion, because I remember well the times when foreign movies were rare and eagerly awaited.

Stardust is an unconventional fairytale. Its plot could be smoother and less impulsive, but it is fun to bump into all those unexpected giggles. However, the most important thing is not the plot, not the great cast (Pfeiffer!), and not the special effects (whatever costs that flying ship). The movie reminds us that we are human because we gaze at the stars. And stars gaze at us and see the love which makes them shine.

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