Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back to the USA

After visiting the east coast in 2005 (my favourite Boston), I was happy to get invitation to attend a geophysical meeting in San Francisco, with opportunity to see the west coast and, thanks to the current dollar, Hollywood.

Although I have seen quite a lot in my life, I admit the Universal Studios Tour is a very special thing. They pick you up into a mini-train and bring to many pavilions filled with the most impressive and educative special effects – what a joy for a cinema fan (whatever is the age).

One can see the real Boing that Spielberg crashed for his film

the London street created for Notting Hill

how blown cars are flying and rotating (driven by special pneumatic levers)

or floods are arranged

or river splits allowing train to pass

I do not particularly like fantasy or horror, but I made this shot, because the muzzle appeared just near my train seat

In a live show, flying plane crashes through the wall and lands on water

The most unforgettable show is 3D Terminator episode, of which I have only this modest shot of the pavilion, unfortunately

On a multi-panel wide screen, with stereo glasses, that liquid-metal robot gives the idea of the future action cinema. Impressive!

Outside studios look rather industrial

though the Christmas tree reminds how special is the place.

Then there was San Francisco

Night and lights is just right environment for a saturnine Leo

This homeless guy somehow chose the City Hall area for living, weird

I finally arrived at the meeting, where I was lucky to present a talk: among 14,600 participants only minor part were giving talks, most were posters:

This trip, just as the recent one to Paris, confirmed how bad is to start travelling under detrimented Moon. In the departure chart, the Moon was again in Scorpio, transitting in the natal 2nd house

No wonder, I got lots of trouble on the way: US customs confiscating my apple lunch, shuttle transfer refusing to transfer despite the pre-paid itinerary, and finally heavy turbulence on the back way. And after the dollar shopping, I came home with 1 (one) pound on my credit card.

Anyway, the ruler of ascendent Sun was in 5th house of pleasures in wide conjunction with strong Jupiter. I got that all! And yes, I have seen the Pacific ocean…

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