Thursday, December 20, 2007


Just as I expected [yes], both Beowulf and Golden Compass were great presents of strong Jupiter in Sagittarius, but the best present of the transit came as a surprise, and in the evening when Jupiter was in the last seconds of the sign

The present is the ready-classic “Enchanted”, which continues and renews the best traditions of the Disney art. It is a musical as they used to be in the time of young Julie Andrews (and she is here too, as Narrator).

Amy Adams, who is 33, plays an innocent and naïve fairytale princess developing into a real - but still pure – mundane girl. Without giving a spoiler, I just mention the fantastic scene where little girl teaches the princess about the adult life – that’s real fun!

Adams’ own life is a kind of fairytale: one of seven children of a military officer, she was born in US base in Italy, raised in Colorado, worked in a chain restaurant and then had a TV career – to be elevated in her 30s, whereas most of TV stars remain where they started. Why? Because this Leo girl has Sun and Mercury on Regulus

To understand why she is similar in appearance to Nicole Kidman, just look at their Venuses in Leo (and other coinciding natal points).


Dunyazade said...

I have Mc at 27º leo - close to Regulus... Oh, you have give me hope, lol!
(And my sun is in leo, 9th house.)

I saw the movie but was... disapointed. I liked Bewoulf better - especially the last part!

Jeffrey Kishner said...

I loved 'Enchanted.'

Valerie Livina said...

Hello :)

MC on Regulus - that's very promising, indeed. Also never forget about the importance of the chart background. For the same career, one has first to get to Hollywood! No matter how modest the starting point, Regulus will do the rest :)

Beowulf is great too. btw, have you looked at the real photos of Ray Winstone? The guy is not as slim as he was painted in the movie :)


Dunyazade said...

Valerie, yes!
I was like (while at the movie): Brad Pitt who...? lol

The guy looked Hot!!!!!!!!!!!


Valerie Livina said...

Yep, they painted him very well :) Ideal :)

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