Saturday, December 22, 2007


On December 18, 2007, Jupiter moved from own house, warm sign Sagittarius into dry and cold sign of its detriment Capricorn. This caused not only noticeable change of weather (very unusual cold here, probably other manifestations in warmer/colder places), but also brought first confirmations of my hypothesis about influence of Jupiter on cinema: two films released on December 21, Alvin and St Trinian’s, although very different, are equally irritating and weak. Either one sees all those skulls and silly (funny, but silly) jokes of St Trinian’s, or that unattractive animation and weak performance in Alvin, it all is very disappointing and second rate.

What is ahead? Anticipating boring Alien vs Predator, dark Sweeney Todd, sick I am Legend, plain sequels of Narnia and Harry Potter… No fun. Capricorn likes dark style – and money. Do not be surprised to get this kind of films in the nearest future.

How long will this period last? As long as Jupiter will be moving through zodiacal sign of Capricorn, till January 2009. Yes, 2008 will be full of dark/annoying/disappointing films, but this does not mean the end of the art! Later Jupiter moves into Aquarius (promising rise of sci-fi again) and then, one year later, into Pisces (that will be good time for melodramas).

Here comes trouble, but only for one year. And, well, St Trinian’s has that weird and enjoyable English humour, very Capricornian…


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Valerie Livina said...

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