Thursday, June 12, 2008

Timing in horary

I was taught that in horary (usually used for short-term predictions) the dynamics of planets should be considered not further than in the next zodiacal sign. And this is what I did when a friend of mine asked me (at the end of February when Clinton was underdog before winning the March primaries): “Who among three candidates, Clinton, Obama, and McCain, would become president?”

USA is a foreign country, so it is signified by 9th house. Its royal power is 10th from 9th, i.e., 6th house of the horary, with cusp in Gemini. Its ruler Mercury is in reception with retro Saturn (with Ketu) and in tight conjunction with Venus sharing minor receptions. I assigned Venus to Clinton, Mercury to Obama and Saturn to McCain as significators.

Saturn was peregrine, afflicted by Ketu, in 12th house from 9th, and moving retro – this candidate looked hopeless, most probably due to the weak program and problems with health. I should find who among Venus and Mercury would be the winner.

I looked at the dynamics and saw Venus heading Pisces, its sign of exaltation, where Mercury is fallen. Also, Moon, the significator of people, was in the sign of Mercury’s detriment.

My conclusion, using dynamics in the next sign, was that Clinton would become president. As we know in June, she has lost – and now look at the Venus dynamics after Pisces! First, it moves into Aries, sign of its detriment. Further, elevation again, in Taurus, and finally it heads the domicile of Mercury, Gemini: Venus heads into the power of her rival. If we propagate the chart through time, we can see something interesting:

In the domicile of Mercury, Venus and fully-powered Mercury meet each other – and not alone but with the significator of royal power Sun. Clinton and power are coming to Mercury! When? On Saturday, June 7, in the afternoon. What happened then? It was the exact time of Clinton’s speech, when she abandoned her campaign asking her supporters to join Obama.

This horary confirmed my feeling that each chart has infinite dynamics with significators traceable long ahead. Although in many temporary questions one-sign dynamics is more than enough, it does not stop evolving after that.

P.S. In fact, for judging questions like elections, one should have the natal chart of the candidates. Unfortunately, they are usually unavailable, and confident predictions are hardly achievable in such circumstances.


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