Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama’s 2nd oath

When I was writing about the inauguration, it was difficult to imagine such a strange consequence of the Moon void of course (void of course means “nothing happens”, or business without fructification) – yet, in the context of the presidency, it produced the 2nd oath for Obama, 31 hours after the inauguration.

This happened to two US presidents before, Chester Arthur and Calvin Coolidge, so it is not an exceptional event. However, in the astrological terms, it changes the inauguration chart of January 20th for the new one:

One can immediately notice that the ascendent here is Leo, its ruler being in the sign of Saturn, Aquarius (Leo is the sun-sign for Obama, for he was born in August). This makes the new chart more coherent with his nativity, unlike the previous one, which had Taurus rising (with all his charm, Obama is rather a Saturnine than Venusian person).

This time, the 10th house of supreme power is empty; its ruler Venus, although exalted in Pisces, is badly placed in 8th house of fears and comes to conjunct Uranus and oppose retro Saturn. The ruler of ascendent Leo is in detriment in 6th house – weak and working hard, yet coming to join Jupiter (which will be combust then). Jupiter rules 5th house of fun, so this is not good for the country in the sense of having fun, I am sorry to say.

Moon, the significator of people, has left Scorpio where she was detrimented, but now is coming to square Saturn and Uranus – still not good. The retro Saturn is placed just on the cusp of 2nd house of finances – this is already known to each and every one: people are experiencing financial problems.

This chart is much less shiny than that of 20th January – yet more realistic. Problems, less fun, hard work...

I cannot see much of that in the chart, but I wish good luck to the American people in the next few years.

Update of 17 March 2010. After more than a year since writing this post, I just want to add this YouTube link to confirm my predictions and opinion about Obama.


Wink B said...

Yikes. I hope things go a bit better than what you're predicting!

Valerie Livina said...

Hello Wink,

I hope, too. I am just reading charts, trying not to project emotions or expectations on them.


Dorothy said...

Hi Valerie!!

Yes, Wink, you are right!! I think this is a rather dreary, chart, too. However, I would think that the original chart, of 12:05 pm would be the official chart, since and this is what Mr. Rao taught us, that the moment begins with not the words, but the first breath of prana that is taken when the seeker becomes the leader. Further, it was not President Obama who made the error. President Obama recited his oath correctly. It was the Chief Justice who made the error. Therefore, this second oath was but a mere formality.

Great Blog!!

Valerie Livina said...

Hello Dorothy,

Thank you for your post. I agree that the 2nd oath chart is secondary, but it is still informative, I think.


bingy said...

I am sure that it will definitely get success...let us see

bingofreeuk said...

I hope every thing will go in a right way...We will try for that..

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