Monday, November 10, 2008

President Obama

In June, when I wrote the post about Obama, the exact time of birth was not known yet. Therefore, I would not claim that I did predict his presidency, whatever was my reasoning. Such things happen when celebrities are being considered: their birth info is unreliable and often leads an astrologer astray.

In the case of the inauguration event, however, the chart info is much more reliable: it has already been declared that it will happen on January 20th, 2009, at noon. Therefore, just as in the case of the Medvedev’s inauguration, we can look at the event chart.

10th house of power contains a remarkable combination of Sun (noon chart), retro Mercury casimi, combust Jupiter and Rahu – these promise a term of presidency most advanced in wit and brightness. The ruler of ascendent Venus is in 11th house of the fruits of the power - and of advisors (2nd from 10th), she is exalted and in conjunction with Uranus: Obama promises to be a dignified and unusual ruler with multitude of assistants of any kind (we already know his team of financists). However, the ruler of 11th is retro Saturn in the sign of Venus fall, Virgo, Saturn being the ruler of 9th and 10th as well – it looks as a long and painful conflict with people who are supposed to be his supporters, which sounds bizarre at the moment. Since this is accompanied by the opposition of Uranus and Saturn (the one causing so many mundane problems during October and November 2008, as one can see in the daily news), the conflict promises to be rather explosive.

Furthermore, Mars is exalted and is in 9th house of science and foreign affairs. It is dignified but remains a violent planet, and thus promises scientific achievements in the arms development, which will be fully supported by the president (note sextile between Mars and Venus and the Venus placement in the sign of Mars triplicity).

Considering the state finances, these are ruled by Mercury (2nd cusp in Gemini), which is combust and in conjunction with Jupiter (hardly beneficial in this chart, because it rules malefic houses 8th and 12th and is afflicted by Rahu). Culminating cazimi Mercury indicates a still mighty power – interesting, though, that Sun rules 5th house and is in detriment, which is a bit inappropriate at the time of the financial crisis.

The most problematic body in the chart is the Moon. It is void of course and in the sign of fall in 7th house. Moon in the mundane charts indicates the population, and it is placed in the sign of Venus’ detriment: people hating the president. Not good, not at all. In fact, it would be much better to postpone the beginning of the ceremony for a half an hour or so, until the Moon has moved into Sagittarius.

It will be interesting to watch whether the actual time of the oath procedure would rescue Obama from such a bad state of the Moon. The opposition with retro Saturn is bad enough to spare him from the Moon in Scorpio.

Update of December 3, 2008. Sri K.N.Rao, in his recent article, was very kind to mention my name about those who predicted presidency for Obama.

Update of January 20, 2009. The actual inauguration took place today at 12.07. Moon was in the 30th degree of Scorpio.


Margherita said...

Hello Valeria,
happy to hear from you again.

It seems to me - even from your past comments about him - you don't like Obama at all.

Anyway your reading of this chart is interesting,surely Obama shall face many difficult problems so the inaguration chart surely mirrors the situation.

We will see in the future.

Valerie Livina said...

See Cardano's aphorism 2.45 in the Lilly's edition.


margherita said...

Hello, Valeria.
Please, can you give the number of this aphorism in the complete edition? I have it in Italian - you know, and for me it's easier to read in Italian than English.

Even I'm starting to wonder that maybe Lilly can understand Cardano better than us.
I was searching some translation of one of Cardano's sentences (not Aphorisms) and even a teacher of Latin in the Italian school could not understand what Cardano was thinking of.

Maybe Lilly could understand well because he knew Renaissance Latin.

Anyway I will check your blog for the aphorism number.

Valerie Livina said...

In his edition, Lilly omitted very many beautiful aphorisms of Cardano - I am finalising our book of Complete Seven Segments, and I wonder why he and Coley cut so many important things...

Yes, some of them require cracking and thinking over, and others Lilly just lists in his Christian Astrology without naming Cardano - in the middle ages people didn't care much about copyright.

I am citing the number in the Lilly edition, because it is widely available. When we finish our book, I will cite that one.


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