Friday, February 20, 2009

Imelda May

Yesterday I attended a concert of fascinating Imelda May. This woman rocks!

When I came home and looked on the net, nothing like birth date was there, only she was mentioned as “Dublin-born”. But then I found the birth date of her husband, guitarist Darrel Higham – and that was interesting! Partners’ chart are interrelated and describe each other (don’t ask me why – I have the answer, but not everybody is ready to accept it). Thus, in a man’s chart, the wife is signified, in particular, by Moon, and the Moon in the Higham’s chart is interesting:
Moon is placed in fiery quadrupled sign Sagittarius and aspected by Mars in own triplicity in conjunction with Rahu. Moreover, Moon is probably in antiscia with Sun and Venus in square with Uranus (depending on his birth time). This describes quite a woman…

Imelda May does not work with big studios, and to support her talent people should go to her concerts and buy her CDs:

No Turning Back – Imelda’s first solo release
Talk to Me – with Blue Harlem
Love Tattoo - Imelda's new solo release

There are some YouTube clips available (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), but live she is even better than in records. This is a bona fide music star!


Wink B said...

Wow. I had never heard of her nor her music before this but I really dig her! Checked out the video for Johnny Go Boom Boom and haven't been able to get it out of my head for a couple of days. Just thought I should tell you that, haha!

Valerie Livina said...

Hello Wink,

I am glad you liked her singing :)


Posh said...

I agree with you - she definitely rocks!

Al Palooka said...

Imelda's birthday is 10 July 1974 in case you still wanted to know

Valerie Livina said...

Hello Al Palooka,

Thank you for the data. I actually got it some time ago from Imelda's husband, but I considered it private and did not comment.

This chart is strong, indeed.


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