Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Solar & lunar eclipses

Lunar eclipse of 9th February followed the partial solar eclipse of 26th January, which was visible above Australia, part of Africa and Oceania, and China 

Similarly to what happened in the New England Dark Day, both Beijing and Melbourne received the solar eclipse into angle

Reading the news about fires in Australia and China, one can see how sad yet predictable are the effects of the eclipses.

Update of February 12. After recently discussing eclipses with a friend of mine, I would like to clarify the following. The influence of eclipses on mundane affairs does not mean only fires (and not only physical phenomena). It means extremes, like the recent unusual heavy snow falls in England and even a hurricane in Paris - in the areas where the eclipses were not visible (gravity is still a powerful perturbation, not only for tides, but also for far more dynamic atmospheric masses). Yet, in the context of the Southern Hemisphere, in summer January, fires in Australia are clear manifestation of the eclipse influence, both physically and symbolically.


Wink B said...

Hi again Valerie! I was wondering if eclipses any other facets of life here on Earth? I know traditionally and historically they were meant to be signs/omens (good/bad depending on the culture), but of what exactly?

Valerie Livina said...

Hello Wink,

To answer your question, here is the quote from William Lilly's Annus Tenebrosus of 1652 (he also speaks about omens in this work)

“The eclipses of the luminaries have signification, or operate by their influence upon cities, provinces and kingdoms more forcibly than on men of private condition or upon Kings, for their effects generally have relation to the multitudes or many people… from the influence of eclipses great and wonderful effects doe succeed… then great changes amongst great kingdoms, cities, commonwealths and families.”

The January solar eclipse happened in airy Aquarius, whereas the February lunar eclipse happened on the axis Aquarius-Leo, and Leo is a fiery sign. Hence another quote:

“…for the vigour and efficacy of fire is very fierce, it violently rusheth forth with an horrible noise and heat, dissipating, dispersing and consuming every thing which opposeth it.”

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