Monday, April 19, 2010

Margot Fonteyn

Cinema is an educating media, not just entertaining, and BBC is especially invaluable in providing biopics of exceptional quality. I just watched a film about Margo Fonteyn, and her miserable family life attracted my “scientific curiosity”.

Even the brief wiki info speaks for itself. “During the late 1930s and early 1940s, Fonteyn had a long relationship with composer Constant Lambert which did not lead to marriage. In 1955, Fonteyn married Dr. Roberto Arias, a Panamanian diplomat to London and playboy. Their marriage was initially a rocky one due to his infidelities. In 1964, a rival Panamanian politician shot Arias, leaving him a quadriplegic for the rest of his life”. The relationship with Nuriev, who was “notoriously impulsive and did not have much patience with rules, limitations and hierarchical order”, ended up in separation. To pay medical bills for her paralised husband, Fontayn should go on tours at quite elderly age, and “during Fonteyn's absence from Panama on tour as a ballerina, a socialite named Anabella Vallarino would move into the house as his shadow wife and move out again before Fonteyn's return.”

Reading all this, I recalled Cardano’s aphorism about affliction of family life. In Lilly’s edition, it is N 2.75: “A prime cause of men leading single live is the combustion of the Moon in their nativities with Saturn, or eminently afflicted by him, so in women if a planet be combust or the Sun in Taurus greatly afflicted.”

My immediate hypothesis was that Fontayn's Sun should be afflicted as Cardano described. And here is her natal chart, with Sun in Taurus in conjunction with detrimented Mars on Algol and in square with detrimented Saturn.


super sue said...

Re: Margot Fonteyn, I note that the malific star, "Kaput Algol Medusa" is conjunct her natal Mars. So sad, also I suspect this Mars placement belongs in her 7th house not the third house. Just guessing tho. I know we use the first breath, to open the lungs to call it "life", they may have used the cutting of the cord in those days it was acommon belief. Give her Scorpio rising and see if it fits her life better. Contact me at and see me/

Valerie Livina said...


This is true, Algol is very prominent in this chart.

Regarding the ascendent, the birth time is unknown, and the Astrodatabank provides rating DD for her chart:

Saturn in 7th is bad enough to describe her family life, too.

Recently, there were new facts revealed about her revolutionary activity and involvement in her husband's plans. I think this suits ascendent in Aquarius.

Best regards


Anonymous said...

Hi, I really enjoyed your debate with the skeptic. Did you take a look at Algol on Dec.10,2012? You have to make accurate future predictions, like Headline News a few days before the event, then the skeptic can't say it is "vague or guessing". For example, I sent a prediction to George Norry recently, it was "financial collapse" (May, full moon, 8degrees Scorpio) the news said, "Greece goes belly-up" stock market dropped 1000 points & Reuters headline said Obama's financial regulatory reform collapses." As for Fonteyn, Aquarius rising would give her prettier legs, bigger boobs & less make-up. Let's compromise, give her late Aquarius rising, with Pisces intercepted in the first.Sincerely, Super Sue

Valerie Livina said...


What about Algol on 10.12.2012? I see Ketu there, but do you mean something specific?

I do not aim at fighting skeptics actually. I do astrology occasionally, when I see something really noticeable and peculiar. Constant monitoring with aim to prove something takes too much time...

I agree regarding less make-up for Aq :) Although when dancing at 60, one needs make-up even for Aq rising...

Best regards


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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