Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Last month I had a LiveJournal discussion with a sceptic whom I told (continuing the cinemundane topic) that Jupiter entering Aries would produce lots of action films. I told him that films like “Rambo” or “Die Hard” should appear.

Jupiter enters Aries on 6 June 2010. It will move towards 3rd degree of Aries in the middle of July 2010, then turn to observed retrograde motion and come back to Pisces on 9 September 2010. It later will come to Aries for a proper direct transit only in January 2011 and move through Aries until June 2011.

Which means we could expect fight movies of all kinds during these periods.

This was my theoretical reasoning until yesterday when I came to cinema and watched trailers of films to be released this summer. Most noticeable is, of course, “The Expendables”, whose cast includes

Sylvester Stallone
Bruce Willis
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dolph Lundgren
Eric Roberts
Mickey Rourke
Jet Li

Ah yes, there will be also releases of “A-Team”, “Karate Kid”, “Knight & Day”. And “The Loser” has just appeared (featuring Zoe Saldana who virtually played in Avatar).

Enjoy the action summer!


Anonymous said...

This makes no sense...

There are action movies coming out all the time.

Valerie Livina said...

Hello Anonymous,

Yes, there are all kinds of movies all the time. I was not talking about disappearing of some genres as compared with others. I was talking about appearing of very bright and noticeable films of particular genres corresponding to Jupiter placement in zodiacal signs. Like Avatar that appeared under Jupiter in Aquarius.

Something prominent happens in cinema according to Jupiter placement.

Best regards


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