Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jane Austen

‘Becoming Jane’ is one of those English cinematographic jewels which leave no point for criticism. It has been made by first-class professionals and is affectionate – this makes it a masterpiece. In two hours, one can enjoy the biography of the famous writer, excellent performance of the cast, non-trivial evolution of the plot, beautiful pictures of English countryside, excellent dialogs – and maybe even forgotten popcorn.

The unhappy love story caused Jane Austen to lead the life of a poor spinster, writing being her only joy. No wonder, her novels are happy love stories: how else could mind pacify the pain of the reality?

In her chart, Venus is in detrimental state, and its only aspect is the wide sextile with Mars. Instead of marital happiness, this chart possessed opposition Jupiter-Mercury with reception and delicate melancholic Moon in Libra affected by exalted Saturn. At her birth, everything was ready to produce a lonesome dreamer.

She was criticised by Charlotte Bronte and Mark Twain, her stories were a bit schematic and predictable, but her style was exactly what England needed, with so many hearts full of sensibility which was forbidden by sense. Nobody knows how many girls cried over own lives reading those novels, while the arranged marriages were building the prosperity of the nation.

Would Jane Austen become as famous if she happened to live in XXI century? Would those moral values be applicable? I believe so. I want to believe.


Diana said...

Did you see the movie? What is your impression?

Valerie Livina said...

Yep, two days ago. Great movie, five stars.